About Us

Nestled in a small community in northwestern Oregon, the idea of starting The Country Quilt Shop is something we long considered, and in 2021 became a reality. After years of working in the semiconductor industry (Jen) and local TV news (Gene) – we realized that what we really wanted to do was to work for ourselves, and become small business owners. So, we combined Jen’s passions for quilting and shopping for fabrics, with Gene’s sales and marketing knowledge and here we are, living our dream. And we’re happy to serve you.

We know there are plenty of quilting stores out there, giving you lots of options to choose from. But, there may be times when you just cannot find the perfect fabric for your latest project. That’s where The Country Quilt Shop comes in! We want to provide you with options you may not see in your local store; from fun, novelty fabric to panels for quilts and precuts too.

Here at The Country Quilt Shop, we are committed to providing you with fast and reliable shipping, and the best customer service, as that seems to be a lost art these days. Please contact us with any questions you may have about any of the products you see here.

And as always, we are committed to including a free gift in each and every order we send, as it is just a small way we can say thank you for supporting our dream of becoming successful small business owners.

Thank You & Happy Quilting!
Jen & Gene | The Country Quilt Shop

    For any questions or help; please email us at jen@thecountryquiltshop.com